One Serum Lab Advance
May 31, 2018
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฿1,200 ฿960



Anti Ageing + Anti Pollution
Not only sunlight.but also electric light, computer, mobile screens can damageyour skin. We can prevent premature wrinkles by using sunscreen every day. LAB ADVANCE, the ONE Sunscreen SPF 50+++ Mattifying is rich in antioxidant.

Its ingredients help absorb UVA, UVB, energy and some other wavelengths of light. It utilizes power of UV light to revitalize skin by using the light energy to elicit an anti ageing effect on skin as well as promoting cell/skin repair.

One of its benefits is an anti ageing active that meets expectations for a new generation of photo-protection based on UV and IR protection. It seems to be, by far, the most complete active ingredient to effectively fight against photo ageing.

• UVA, UVB, IR, VL IL protection
• Improves skin tone & texture
• Fading brown spots and wrinkles
• Antioxidant
• Improved skin hydration
• Increase collagen and elasticity
• Skin coating
• Illusion of surface smoothness
• Luminescent appearance

All active ingredients strengthen each other up to the level of “Power-Performance” to energize your skin fresher, healthier and younger quickly.